Bio Smith



    A simple still life and a sunlit winter scene. What do they have in common? They are both illuminated by the light effect, the prismatic flow of light. The action of light on the subject. Frank Vincent DuMond, a great teacher and noted painter who developed the prismatic palette, influenced many prominent American artists. DuMond was quoted as saying, "Silently glowing over this whole landscape is a rainbow. You must learn to see it. It is there always, and if you can get hold of that, you have something worth going after."  Master painter, John Philip Osborne has continued his theories and preserved Dumond's historical legacy in his teaching. Murray has studied with Osborne for the past 10 years. His use of this unique palette and it's principles of light can beclearly seen in his convincing still lifes and landscapes. 

    He is a graduate of The High School of Art & Design and attended both The Art Students League and The School of Visual Arts.

      He's won several open juried awards including Best Floral The 34th Annual Ridgewood Art Association Open Juried Show 2014, a top landscape award in 2010 for, "Ice Flows", The Kuhn Oil Painting Award for Floral The 29th Annual Ridgewood Art Institute Regional Open Juried Show 2009, The Ruth Beekman Award for Floral The 27th Annual Ridgewood Art Institute Regional Open Juried Show 2007, the top floral award at The 26th Annual Ridgewood Art Institute Regional Open Juried Show in 2006, he captured the top prize in 2005 for still life with The Jane Peterson Still Life Award from The Hudson Valley Art Association, The Salmagundi Club Award from the 2005 Regional Open Juried Show in Ridgewood New Jersey, The Lycian Galleries in Sugar Loaf and his 1st prize landscape graced the cover of The Warwick Valley Phone book in 1999.

     An award winning art director, Murray has enjoyed a distinguished career in advertising for more than 25 years. He's most proud of the 12 years he spent as a designer in an entertainment advertising company he helped form. Among his many achievements, he is credited with creating campaigns and posters for more than 200 films including "Star Wars", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Apocalypse Now", "Taxi Driver", "Superman" and "All The President's Men".

    He teaches a still life oil painting class at The Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood
New Jersey

    He resides with his wife, Rochelle in upstate New York.